Caring for the Artificial Eye

  • Prosthetic eyes do not require special care.
  • Prosthetic eyes should not be removed unless instructed otherwise by the physician or the ocularist.
  • Discharge can occur in some patients for various reasons. Discharge can be controlled with eye drops. There are only a few patients who need to remove and clean their prosthetic eyes once or twice a day. After the hands are washed, the prosthesis is carefully removed and cleaned using a mild soap and either boiled and cooled or running water. After it is thoroughly rinsed, the eye is reinserted into the socket. A soft tissue is used for drying. Hard (rough) cloths and wet tissue and liquids like cologne, in particular, which contain alcohol should be avoided. These can severely damage the prosthetic eye.
  • The prosthesis may be worn when taking a bath. However, special goggles must be worn or the prosthesis removed while swimming, when most accidental losses occur.
  • The prosthetic eye must be kept in physiological saline solution or a hard contact lens solution in a closed container if the patient will not wear it for a period of time after removal.
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